Why does the F35 keep on crashing?

The F35 series of multirole fighters first entered service in 2006, which is more than enough time for pilots to get used to the aircraft, so why is it crashing so often?


With every branch of service having incidents with the F35 in 2022, one of the major problems seems to be the engine, which nearly caused a pilot to die in Texas after a failed landing when the pilot was doing a Vertical Landing (such as a helicopter would do) when the plane bounced back up into the air and then landed heavily on the ground, breaking the front landing gear. Some say the engine spat out some thrust when it wasn’t meant to while others seem to think it was human error.


Another recent famous crash was in the South China Sea where a jet crash landed on the deck of an aircraft carrier and then slid off into the ocean, in an epic race for time. The US managed to recover the aircraft from a depth of 12500 feet or 3810 meters. The cause of the crash seemed to be human error but once again an investigation is ongoing


These crashes are being investigated and the F35 fleet has been temporally grounded. These crashes put pressure on congress and the senate as all branches are converting to the F35 with the Marines having no other current options.

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