The U.S. said Thursday that it will send Military equipment valued at $2.5 Billion to Ukraine, including 90 Stryker combat vehicles and 59 Bradley fighting vehicles with 590 Tow Missiles along with hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Bradley IFV

The ammunition included will replenish the U.S.-supplied HIMARS artillery systems, the NASAMS air defence systems, the Bradleys’ 25 mm cannon, and the aforementioned TOW Missiles. The package also includes eight additional Avenger air defence systems, 350 Humvees, 53 MRAPS, thousands of rockets and 3 million rounds of low-calibre ammunition.

Notably, the Package doesn’t include any tanks, which Ukraine has requested multiple times. Germany says it would not supply its Leopard 2 Tank unless the U.S. sent its Abrams Tank which the U.S. said it couldn’t due to logistical issues, which include the fact the tank runs on jet fuel which Ukraine lacks.

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