Paving the Moon

As humanity sets its sights on expanding its presence in the solar system, the Moon emerges as a pivotal destination for exploration. However, the low lunar gravity poses a unique challenge – the generation of suspended dust during lunar rover movements, which can adversely affect exploration vehicle systems. This research paper delves into a novel […]

In-Space Manufacturing

Expanding Humanity’s Reach Through In-Space Manufacturing and Lunar Resource Utilization the ambitious endeavour of expanding human presence beyond Earth, particularly through long-term space missions, has been a longstanding dream of scientists and explorers alike. To bring these aspirations to fruition, leveraging in-space manufacturing (ISM) and in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) technologies is not merely an option […]

Homes Beyond Earth: Housing on the Moon

With NASA’s newest mission revolving around constructing housing systems on the moon, the limits of space expansion are falling quickly. According to NASA, by 2040, Americans will have their own subdivision in space, suitable for not only astronauts but civilians as well. Through innovative technology involving 3D printing and specialized materials formed from the moon […]

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