On the 28th of May, US fighter jets rushed to intercept a rogue plane flying over Washington DC, one of the country’s most heavily restricted airspaces.

The rogue plane, a Cessna Citation, entered the airspace unresponsive, prompting the jets to scramble to assess the situation and regain contact. Unfortunately, the Cessna crashed in a rural area of Virginia near the George Washington National Forest after a rapid descent. The four passengers on board all seem to have passed away in the incident.

As the fighter jets rushed to intercept the plane, they caused sonic booms to be heard all around the region, causing concern among residents. Flares were also reportedly used in an attempt to regain contact with the plane.

Sonic booms occur when a plane travels faster than the speed of sound, creating a shockwave which can damage windows and eardrums. F-16 jets, which were the type that intercepted the Cessna, can travel at over twice the speed of sound.

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