Most have heard of, and perhaps have even seen an extrestial object – or what’s commonly known as UFOs or an unidentifiable flying object. Some believe them to be long stories, others say there are experiments run by area 51, or maybe its just a western hoax. But the question still remains unanswered even by  scientists; is there really exterrestrial life outside of Earth. 

Throughout history scientists have studied and developed advanced telescopes for the sheer purpose of finding life outside Earth:though still remain unsuccessful. 

On the other hand the UFO Phenomenon has been a part of folklore for centuries. Though according to Forbes, “The Pentagon admitted it ran a secret program to investigate sightings by military pilots of countless unidentified flying objects.”  

The fact that the Pentagon acknowledges the existence of UFO’s marks a significant change in how we view UFOs. It shifts them from being just stories to a topic that gets taken seriously by authorities and scientists. This change highlights the role of the aerospace industry in this new development.

Aerospace technology has always been used to explore outer space, transportation and military purposes, but now it’s helping us understand UFOs or objects that appear closer to Earth. As humans we’re using advanced radar systems, advanced planes, and even sensors to track and study UFO’s. However most people believe UFO’s to be aliens, although really it can be any unidentified flying objects, such as drones, asteroids, etc.

Aerospace experts, scientists, and military personnel are working together to investigate these unknown objects. The same technology that helps us explore the vastness of space is now being used to investigate what could possibly be happening right here on our home planet without our own knowing.

As we keep trying to understand these strange, perhaps even hoax visitors from space, it’s becoming clear that aerospace technology is vital for finding answers:for example life on other planets. 

While many sightings of UFOs remain unexplained partially due to a lack of evidence rather than eyewitness, the connection to aerospace technology offers new ways to explore and understand mysteries in general. Combining science, technology, and our human curiosity to the question of whether UFOs are the result of advanced human technology, natural events, or even encounters with aliens.

The quest to explore extraterrestrial life, reflects the desire to uncover the secrets of the universe. The combination of science, technology, and knowledge is bringing us closer to understanding the intriguing world of interstellar visitors.

Written by Hemal Nayyar

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