Fighting in the streets of Bakhmut continues with no clear sign of a winner. There are around 4000 civilians living in shelters inside city limits with no access to water, gas or food. Ukrainian forces have reported bloody battles raging across the city and surrounding areas. Recently Russian media such as the “Moscow Times” had claimed that the Russian Federation has seized the city. Quoted as saying, “Wagner assault units have successfully advanced, capturing two districts on the northern and southern outskirts of the city”. The importance of this quote is the reference to the Wagner group, a Russian-based para-military group, that has had major success taking Ukrainian territory, mainly due to having access to more modern weapons. Although Wagner Group took great amounts of territory during the early days of the invasion, they have recently had logistical challenges. It would be incorrect to assume that Russian logistics have collapsed just yet but rather that Russian Generals are redirecting supplies away from the Wagner Group to areas of less importance, this would seem like a strategic blunder on the surface, which it is. Supplies are being diverted simply to make Wagner Group look bad. Russian Generals are all fighting to please Putin, hoping to gain political favours or possible cash bonuses, but the Russian Federation’s army is poorly equipped due to years of corruption, this leads to Wagner Group outshining all other elements of Russia’s armed forces, leading to jealous generals trying to safe face. It will be interesting to see how this affects the Russian armed forces in the long term.

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