On the 3rd of June, a Chinese navy vessel passed within 150m of the USS Chung Hoon - an American navy vessel - before crossing the ship's path. This interaction warranted a statement from the US Indo-Pacific Command: " [the ship] executed manoeuvres in an unsafe manner in the vicinity of Chung-Hoon".

A Canadian warship was also in the presence of the Chung Hoon, as they were

participating in a joint mission with the American navy vessel.

The incident occurred on the Taiwan Straight, a sensitive waterway separating Taiwan from China. As the military presence of China on the Taiwan Straight continues to increase, and recent military drills by China both cause increased tensions between China and self-ruled Taiwan, the Taiwan Straight will become a more critical zone.

Occurring recently after a Chinese military plane flew "flew directly in front of

and within 400 feet of the nose" of an RC-135 surveillance plane on May 26

over the South China Sea, it seems as if these situations are becoming more common.

As the tension between Taiwan and China grows, similar incidents could set off a spark causing conflict or even war between the countries.


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