Sustainable energy for aviation: What are our options?

Traditional aircrafts use refined kerosene as a fuel source which at today’s oil prices cost is around $5 per gallon. A Boeing 747 holds 63,346 gallons of fuel, which comes out to be an astonishing (close to) $300,000 . Hence more efficient and cheaper fuels are significantly important for aircrafts companies as their main goal […]

Paving the Moon

As humanity sets its sights on expanding its presence in the solar system, the Moon emerges as a pivotal destination for exploration. However, the low lunar gravity poses a unique challenge – the generation of suspended dust during lunar rover movements, which can adversely affect exploration vehicle systems. This research paper delves into a novel […]

In-Space Manufacturing

Expanding Humanity’s Reach Through In-Space Manufacturing and Lunar Resource Utilization the ambitious endeavour of expanding human presence beyond Earth, particularly through long-term space missions, has been a longstanding dream of scientists and explorers alike. To bring these aspirations to fruition, leveraging in-space manufacturing (ISM) and in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) technologies is not merely an option […]

Homes Beyond Earth: Housing on the Moon

With NASA’s newest mission revolving around constructing housing systems on the moon, the limits of space expansion are falling quickly. According to NASA, by 2040, Americans will have their own subdivision in space, suitable for not only astronauts but civilians as well. Through innovative technology involving 3D printing and specialized materials formed from the moon […]

Quantum Computers, and How They May reshape the future

In a world where change is common, few innovations have generated this much potential and are as intriguing as quantum computing. Quantum computers are not just a faster computer;rather it’s a completely different way of computing. In this article we’ll talk about what quantum computing is?, How does it work?, and finally its applications in […]

Autonomous Innovations that are Revolutionizing the World

                Living in a constant world of evolution and change, the need for automation and simplicity in our lives is growing fast. Whether it’s seen in self-driving cars, smart home accessories, or even within the AI compatibility within your smartphone, automation is revolutionizing the technological industry.                 However recently, universities like the Massachusetts Institute of […]

The Comac C919 – China’s Response to the Booming Aviation Market

On Sunday, China’s first domestically made passenger plane made its inaugural flight, a staggering 15 years after it first entered its development. So what caused this delay, and how does it stand compared to aviation giants such as Boeing and Airbus? The C919’s design is very similar to the Airbus A320, starring a 3.96m wide, […]

The Challenges and Benefits of Electric Propulsion for Aircraft

As the world continues to become aware of the concerns surrounding climate change, the pursuit of sustainable solutions has become a goal. From electric cars to now the aerospace industry. This article explores the advancements and challenges of electric propulsion in aviation, shedding light on the potential it holds for the future of aviation. To […]

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