Corruption in the Russian army

Fighting in the streets of Bakhmut continues with no clear sign of a winner. There are around 4000 civilians living in shelters inside city limits with no access to water, gas or food. Ukrainian forces have reported bloody battles raging across the city and surrounding areas. Recently Russian media such as the “Moscow Times” had […]

B21 Raider: The USA’s answer to an ever-growing threat

Intro: On December 2nd 2022, the USAF revealed its next generation of Bomber fleet, flying at 50 000 feet, ‘invisible’ to radar, with hundreds in production, which will replace the USA’s ageing bomber fleet, They revealed, The B21 Raider. Performance: Little is known about this new bomber, but we do know it cruises at 50,000 feet, […]

Why does the F35 keep on crashing?

Why does the F35 keep on crashing? The F35 series of multirole fighters first entered service in 2006, which is more than enough time for pilots to get used to the aircraft, so why is it crashing so often?   With every branch of service having incidents with the F35 in 2022, one of the […]

North Korea Fires Three Missiles!

North Korea Fires Three Missiles! Tensions on the Korean Peninsula rise as North Korea fires three missiles to show its weapons capability after the South recently launched a rocket to build a way to monitor the north from the earth’s orbit. South Korea released a statement that said that the missiles were launched around 350 […]

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